Zoe Louise online shop aims to expand the graphic street ware movement moving slowly across our creative comuntities.

With the online store reaching more of you, it’s a great way for graphic artists to spread there designs and messages with those who believe in them! 

Zoe Louise online store is a creative space we’re you can find the perfect design for your home, business space or outfit! Graphic tees that make you think about something more. Illustration on your wall that inspire you to jump out of bed in the morning.
Ultimately art that make you think while being elegant, bold and current. 

Our souls are tired, creating art personally awakens mine. Wearing it inspires me to make more, with a goal of communicating a feeling, look or conversation.  

When the right message is communicated it really speaks to the brand im collectively trying to create.


If you need Illustrations for you business/ band covers or brand?  Logo design, pattern design, portraits ect, both traditional and graphic styles available . 

The reward is definitely in the journey.

With Graphic design & Illustration qualifications there is clear focus on quality and bringing you the perfect artwork and/or design.

Zoe Louise Illustration