Covid19 Crisis, how is it impacting our resilience.

Posted by zoe louise caladine on

Here are few thoughts I just can't seem to shake lately with this crisis. There's a lot of negative information out there right now, however lots of hope too. With people finding joy in places they didn't expect. Its like we all are now seeing how important eachothers energy is, were all one yes! We will get through this people ❤🙌 It’s like we’re being forced to look inwards and accept the oneness.
We have the time to look inwards and question ourselves, why not? you might see yourself doing this subconsciously.
Have you found yourself noticing nature more, colours the birds?
We are one with nature/ drawn to nature because we are nature.
It’s time to explore our nature, while acknowledging our oness with others through this forced separateness.
We are connected, we need our community, we need our family and we need our doctors! We need each other more than ever right now.

We are the same, what happens to the doctors and the nurses .. reusing gowns and masks, threatening there health and ours.
This needs needs to stop, we are one.
Economic environment or career status isn’t really important right now.
Why not ask yourself Is this what I want for me and my family, for others? what is the outcome of my job or industry on the people around me and others overall. What’s really important to me?
While right now the separateness is important for our over all oneness.
We have the time, This will make us stronger, through adversity comes strength! 
Listen to your soul, stop running and ignite your light!