How it works? The creative apparel process broken down.

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When buying illustration and apparel online we want quality and organic materials yes? Personally I do, apparel must be communicating a message or feeling. Bright and bold designs is the goal here. But how is it made, what is drop shipping and how long will it take? The process is important in graphic design and all creative design projects, heres how it works here at creative apparel collections.

From paper and pen to the computer and layered documents,  to then printing and adding more traditional layered work. It’s a process I personally live for and love doing. With hidden details and bold concepts Illustration are original ideas from Zoe Louise.

Traditional  ink and paint being the most common mediums. Then  transferring them into adobe programs editing layers and making more space for details. Then we have the decision of scanning it in now or printing the design out for further work. 

Once perfect, it’s ready to upload to Shopify on its serval Drop Shipping channels. Here we have all the products, long sleeve tees! Creative apparel at your fingertips. They are tried, tested and great quality! 

With Graphic Design and Illustration qualifications a focus on print quality and unique bright designs.

The printing process at  goes like this. Shopify is a platform where you can sell products online. With creative product vendors embracing quality eco friendly materials, it brings our brand ongoing inspiration. With our select product channels a wide viriaty of creative apparel and homewares are available worldwide.

How long will it take? 
With Shopify store and fulfilment  services being a world wide scene, shipping can take longer than 3 days sadly.

As soon as the product is purchased at Zoe’s store communication and shipping information will be sent through. With tracking information and estimated arrival, you don’t need to worry about it never showing up!

I welcome freelancing and commission based work, really enjoying solving creative problems and collaborating ideas. Working with peoples ideas are exciting and rewarding, if that what you need your in the right place.

Zoe Louise Illustration online is a creative space we’re you can find the perfect design for your home, business space or outfit! Art on your wall that inspires you jump out of bed without hitting the snooze button!  Welcoming commission work, portraits, logos ect. Maybe your business graphic design assets a refresh, we would love to hear from you. Ultimately Zoe makes art that communicates something while being elegant, bold and current.